Billy Peyton
2017 Ohio Jr. Auctioneer Champion

I attended the 2016 Champion Auctioneer Summit. It was an awesome experience and learning opportunity for me. The one-on-one sessions with champion auctioneers helped me improve my chant. It was also very helpful to be critiqued on the things I needed to work on in order to better the interview portion of competitions. I made some great friendships at the Summit. If you want to be brought to your highest potential in competitive auctioneering, I highly recommend attending The Ohio Auction School’s Champion Auctioneer Summit!

Justin Croy
2016 Indiana Auctioneer Champion
2014 International Junior Auctioneer Champion

Attending the Champion Auctioneer Summit that was offered by The Ohio Auction School was a key part of my success as a competitive Auctioneer. The direct feedback given by the instructors is a unique opportunity that you can’t find anywhere else and one-on-one time allows you to focus on what is important when competing. The Summit covers all areas of competitive auctioneering, from chant to interview and everything in between. The connections that are made during social and networking time have created friendships and memories that for me will last a life time. Any Auctioneer who is looking to enhance their competitive auctioneering performance should attend The Ohio Auction School’s Champion Auctioneer Summit.


Lenny Mullin, BAS
2015 Kansas Auctioneer Champion

I was a finalist in the Kansas Auctioneer Championship four years in a row. Twice I finished in second place, sandwiching a third between the two. Reviewing my feedback from a nice variety of great judges I finally realized there was much more to the art of bid calling than numbers and filler words. I decided to attend the Ohio Auction School Champion Auctioneer Summit.

The one-on-one instruction with a team of champions was incredible. The feedback they gave me was clear and effective. The mechanics of body language and posture were areas I had overlooked until I attended the Summit (special thanks to Beth Rose). One of the team of champions gave me two custom filler phrases that fit my chant much better that what I was using. The Summit is a great value and the best investment, other than practice time, I have made in the development of my bid calling.

Eli Troyer
2017 Michigan Auctioneer Champion
2016 Ohio Jr. Auctioneer Champion

The two-day Champion Auctioneer Summit has been a game changer. I experienced changes and growth in the foundation of my bid calling. Most noticeably, I was honored with a first place finish in the OAA junior division bid calling competition; I had competed in the same event a year earlier without placing. What I learned during those two days had a direct influence on my abilities as a bid caller/auctioneer and is helping me to operate at a higher level not only in competitions but also in my day-to-day bid calling as an auctioneer. The one-on-one sessions with champion auctioneers was great. I was able to ask them questions directly related to my chant. It gave me confidence on what areas to work on in my bid calling/chant.

Shaun Logsdon

Just returned from an amazing weekend of training at The Ohio Auction School’s 2015 Champion Auctioneer Summit in Columbus, Ohio. It was a wonderful experience learning from some of the absolute best auctioneers in the industry! Also very thankful to meet so many new auctioneers and now friends.

Derek Zehner

What an honor to get to attend this event and learn from so many great professionals. So blessed to get to make myself better learning from and getting critiqued by many of my well respected mentors and teachers. Also has been great to meet and learn as students with so many other auctioneers who are about the business and getting better to help raise our professionalism!